Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He's Sibilant

Sephiramy: Eeeeeeee

falingard: Uuuuuuuuu

MotoPsycho72: Ooooooooo

falingard: Aaaaaaaaa

MotoPsycho72: Iiiiiiiii

MotoPsycho72: And that's the vowels!

delya: Yyyyyyyy

delya: >:T

MotoPsycho72: ...

* MotoPsycho72 explodes

delya: Yeah that's right

delya: Don't forget the gender confused letter

falingard: Vowel and consonant are genders?

delya: Yes

Sephiramy: Which is which? D:

delya: Vowel is female

delya: obviously

falingard: But there are so many more males than females

Sephiramy: Dude.. there are not enough females to go around D:


delya: Two dudes for every chick

delya: I can work with this

Sephiramy: LMAO

falingard: Maybe all the dudes are fricative, sibilant or nasal

falingard: or even OBSTRUENT

delya: Don't torture me with your flamboyant display of vocabulary usage.

falingard: Yeah, I'm sibilant

I Love People

That isn't sarcasm, believe it or not. I know I say "people are stupid" or "I hate people" a lot, but well- in reality I love most of them. Here is a fine example as to why:

Read more if interested: Link!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Case Closed

Del: Link
Del: D:
Tish: This is pretty much proof that God hates us.