Friday, June 19, 2009

Shine On

Two Neils inspired me to make a blog.

1st Neil: <-- this dude. Not only is he constantly upbeat and fun to talk to, but we can snap music back and forth and it's so groovy good. He sent me this song called "Shining On" by Big D & The Kids Table. Hear it here: Link

As a few people who snoop around me may know, I've been going through some tough shit lately. Medical stuff, emotional stuff, friend stuff, generally life likes to toss me around a bit. Yeah, everyone gets tossed around. I know. Somehow, this song just totally lit up my mood. It's amazing how much effect music has on my mood, but I can never get enough of that upbeat love life sound.

2nd Neil: Someone I was never a fan of, not that I dislike him, but I just never cared one way or another. Neil Gaiman. His own blog post here: Link

Sometimes life just feels way too complex. Negative things popping up all around. When you pause to enjoy the moment, well... those feelings tend to just float away. I forget that a lot nowadays, so it's nice to have a reminder every so often to keep me in check.

Thanks guys. <3